RATATÀ + T-Trane

9 April 2018

Dear friends,
here’s some hot news for the upcoming week.
We are loyal fellows of Ratatà, that awesome illustration and self-publishing festival in Macerata, vibrant cultural centre between the hills. Follow the rats, you can find us at the market place (Mercato delle Erbe, via Armaroli), but you can also go on a treasure hunt and check the rich program of exhibitions.

HERE for all the information you’re looking for.

Since Spring is the season of love and things that blossom in their finest form, we decided to not a miss a single chance to show our beautiful flowers: have a beer with us in our first exhibition in Perugia at T-Trane Records, on 15 April. Nice music, nice vintage LPs and your favorite Pelo fellows.
How to reach us and more information about the event HERE

Wait for more flowery news on the next month.
And hey,

thank you.

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