Not a hoax: Pelo call for artists!

They surprise us, emphasising our weaknesses, our fears, our dreams and — most importantly — our ignorance.

Yeah, hoaxes are skunk: they hide behind mysterious titles, spreading the discovery of new forms of life born in the neighbour’s garage, or alarming you about the death of famous people. You have to be careful — from dinosaurs’ extinction caused by farts to gypsies stealing our children, hoaxes are always lurking.


For the Call for Pelo first edition we have chosen a subject that has terrorised activists for animal rights all over the world. In the early 2000 some students from Massachusetts did a mischief: they invented the Bonsai Kitten. In their website they revealed secrets about this ancient Japanese tradition consisting in growing a cat in a bottle. On the website you can find all the instructions and the appropriate method to bottle and grow your Bonsai Cat.


Call for Pelo is for everyone, hairy and not. To discover more visit our Facebook event page!



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