Fruit Exhibition 2019

29 January 2019

Dear friends,

guess what? PELO #4 is ready for the juiciest event of the year.
Let’s meet at Fruit Exhibition, 1-2-3 February at Palazzo Isolani, Bologna.


Post-summer analysis

5 November 2018

Dear friends,

It’s been a long time since our last update, but your wandering soul could have brought you to our festive booth through festivals and showcases. Did you see Chiara Dal Maso in association with Timmerman during PAW CHEW GO? And our boost team of Giulias at Torino Graphic Days? And Cicirì! Have you ever visited Palermo?
Thank you for passing by, having a chat (and a beer), and supporting us buying the magazine.

We had a great time promoting Pelo #3, the good response from readers allowed us to keep going with the project and start new collaborations with libraries and artists.

It’s time to think about future. Are you ready for some news about Pelo #4?

Stay tuned.

RATATÀ + T-Trane

9 April 2018

Dear friends,
here’s some hot news for the upcoming week.
We are loyal fellows of Ratatà, that awesome illustration and self-publishing festival in Macerata, vibrant cultural centre between the hills. Follow the rats, you can find us at the market place (Mercato delle Erbe, via Armaroli), but you can also go on a treasure hunt and check the rich program of exhibitions.

HERE for all the information you’re looking for.

Since Spring is the season of love and things that blossom in their finest form, we decided to not a miss a single chance to show our beautiful flowers: have a beer with us in our first exhibition in Perugia at T-Trane Records, on 15 April. Nice music, nice vintage LPs and your favorite Pelo fellows.
How to reach us and more information about the event HERE

Wait for more flowery news on the next month.
And hey,

thank you.


8 February 2018

Dear friends,
you made it. We reached our goal with the crowdfunding and Pelo 3 is real.
So real that you might had seen us in Bologna, on that juicy weekend during Fruit Exhibition, painted in blue and orange.

If you hadn’t, well, you can watch a very short interview of our head members HERE, having a break from the yelling fans and announcing the new born association PELO.

Or you can wait for the next festival.

And hey,
thank you.


Dear friends,
it’s that time of the year. No, I’m not talking about the holy birth of Baby Jesus. And no, not even talking about the day with the highest rate of failed expectations of the whole year, New Year’s Eve.
It’s something we were impatiently waiting, something bigger, something crazier.

It’s Pelo’s birthday.
Since no one knows the exact day Pelo was born, we’re going to party for an entire month. And you know what? You can participate.

Pelo is growing up so fast, and we are doing a great job with parenting. But we could do a little more, we could expand our range of distribution in libraries, participate to festivals all over the Europe, and, most important, we could print a significant amount of offset copies.
We could, but we need a helping hand.
You can donate whatever you want (not literally, we don’t know what to do with recycled Christmas presents), and you’ll get a juicy reward.
Hurry and check on Kickstarter to give your contribution:

PELO on Kickstarter

Thank you


Aka how even Saint Oronzo came down the cathedral to bless the magazine.
We had some fun at Officine culturali Ergot, in Lecce, where you can now find us.
Come and have a fascinated look at the exhibition.

ZineFestPt — Porto

Dear friends, Pelo goes international and takes a trip in Portugal, look for us on 1-2-3 December at Zine Fest Pt, Porto. Check the website for more information about the tasty schedule of events, and come and say hi to our stand at the market-place.

Saudade! 🍻


Massimiliano Vitti is the winner of the Pelo Call for Artists

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pelo Call for Artists! So many amusing illustrations arrived and choosing the winning one was not easy at all. The choice was arduous, we fought and risked to become crazy until we eventually agreed to declare Massimiliano Vitti the winner. His great illustration will be published in the third issue of Pelo dedicated to fake news. But it’s not over yet! We liked the works so much that we picked five more illustrations to publish on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Congratulations to Chiara Cesaretti, Luogo Comune, Anna Marzuttini, Daniele Melarancio and Silvia Reginato!

PAW ⋄ CHEW ⋄ GO — Si legge paciugo

We are happy to invite you to BASE Milano on Saturday, October 14th, from 12 noon to 10pm and on Sunday, October 15th, from 10am to 9pm. The event groups together workshops, talks and an interesting market area where you will find a stall dedicated to PELO magazine. If you still don’t know us we can’t wait to meet you—or just pass by to say hi if we’ve already met elsewhere!

Not a hoax: Pelo call for artists!

They surprise us, emphasising our weaknesses, our fears, our dreams and — most importantly — our ignorance.

Yeah, hoaxes are skunk: they hide behind mysterious titles, spreading the discovery of new forms of life born in the neighbour’s garage, or alarming you about the death of famous people. You have to be careful — from dinosaurs’ extinction caused by farts to gypsies stealing our children, hoaxes are always lurking.


For the Call for Pelo first edition we have chosen a subject that has terrorised activists for animal rights all over the world. In the early 2000 some students from Massachusetts did a mischief: they invented the Bonsai Kitten. In their website they revealed secrets about this ancient Japanese tradition consisting in growing a cat in a bottle. On the website you can find all the instructions and the appropriate method to bottle and grow your Bonsai Cat.


Call for Pelo is for everyone, hairy and not. To discover more visit our Facebook event page!