Dear friends,
it’s that time of the year. No, I’m not talking about the holy birth of Baby Jesus. And no, not even talking about the day with the highest rate of failed expectations of the whole year, New Year’s Eve.
It’s something we were impatiently waiting, something bigger, something crazier.

It’s Pelo’s birthday.
Since no one knows the exact day Pelo was born, we’re going to party for an entire month. And you know what? You can participate.

Pelo is growing up so fast, and we are doing a great job with parenting. But we could do a little more, we could expand our range of distribution in libraries, participate to festivals all over the Europe, and, most important, we could print a significant amount of offset copies.
We could, but we need a helping hand.
You can donate whatever you want (not literally, we don’t know what to do with recycled Christmas presents), and you’ll get a juicy reward.
Hurry and check on Kickstarter to give your contribution:

PELO on Kickstarter

Thank you

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